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How To: Hodir (Hard Mode)

Alrighty first off: yes, my recount was bugged in this video. It froze up on me a couple attempts before this kill and stopped registering the damage meters. Someone linked after kill and our top 2 were 8-9kish while I was forth with 6500.\r\n\r\nAlso I'm trying something new with the strat for this video obviously, placing the strat text here in the description box rather than overlayed over the video itself. This should help me better keep the strats up to date, as well as let ppl watch a clean vid. Let me know what you guys think/ Like better.\r\n\r\nOKAY! TIME FOR THE STRAT! Hard Mode is completed by Killing Hodir In less than 3 minutes. The most important thing about this fight is breaking out the mage: Missy Flamecuffs if your alliance, Amira Blazeweaver if your horde. The mage will drop \"Toasty Fires\". Players standing next to the fires have a chance to apply the \"singed\" debuff when the boss is hit with spells. This debuff is the KEY to getting this achievment. Singed will stack up to 25 times on 10man causing the boss to receive an additional 50% damage from all magical spells and effects!\r\n\r\nSo ranged need to MAKE SURE and get those 25 stacks up ASAP and keep them on him untill he dies!\r\n\r\nThe other important add is the shaman: He will buff a random player with \"Storm Cloud\". The player hit by this can buff the 4 players closest to him with \"storm power\" which increases their critical strike damage by 135% for 30 seconds. The player hit with the cloud should call it over vent so everyone knows who has it and they can get to him to get the buff. Obviously it is much better for spell casters to get it since they are already getting the 50% increased damage buff, but it doesn't matter to much on 10man.\r\n\r\nNow as for tanking the boss: We used a Death Knight in some frost resist gear, and I believe our Ret Pally was using his frost resist aura. In order to give him a big lead on threat we had our hunter intentionally pull after the first flash freeze and then our DK taunted back to get a massive lead from the hunters threat. Our hunter then feigned. Hunters and Rogues should always be MDing/ToTing the tank as well.\r\n\r\nBut other than that just watch for the basics: Heavy healing during frozen blows (we had a resto shammy and a resto druid.) Look out for the runes during flash freeze and get on the snow mound afterwards (DO NOT GET FROZEN!). Keep moving to avoid Biting Cold stacking on you, and just watch out for falling icicles.\r\n\r\nBut yea that's pretty much it, definitly one of the easier Hard Modes to complete. As you get used to doing it this way it actually becomes easier than the normal mode. \r\n\r\nMusic in the video is: Indecisive Battle from Final Fantasy 6, remixed and reworked by S.S.H Alrighty first off: yes, my r