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Drakengard 3 / Drag-On Dragoon 3 English - Route A Chapter 3 - Part 13

««« Description»»»\n\nDrakengard 3 Walkthrough Gameplay Story English HD 720 No Commentary: \nSupport our videos by clicking LIKE! Thank you.\n\nDeveloper(s) Access Games\nPublisher(s) Square Enix\nDirector(s) Taro Yoko\nProducer(s) Takamasa Shiba\nDesigner(s) Kimihiko Fujisaka\nProgrammer(s) Yoshiki Kashitani\nWriter(s) Taro Yoko\nSawako Natori\nComposer(s) Keiichi Okabe\nSeries Drakengard\nEngine Unreal Engine 3\nPlatform(s) PlayStation 3\nGenre(s) Action role-playing game\nMode(s) Single-player[9]\nDistribution 1 x Blu-ray \n\n\n ««« Recording Device/Program »»»\n Elgato\n\n Plot\nDrakengard 3 is a prequel to the first game, and will also connect to the spin-off game Nier in an as-yet unrevealed way.[11] In earlier times, the land was ravaged by conflict between warlords. At the height of the carnage, five mysterious figures called \"Intoners\" descended from the heavens and, using their ability to utilize magic through song, defeated the warlords and ended the conflict. They were worshiped by the people and became rulers of various regions of the land. An unspecified time later, the strongest Intoner, One, wishes to unite the five once again and bring a lasting peace to the land; but a sixth Intoner who was cast out of their number, named Zero, appears on the scene, determined to kill the other five Intoners\n\n\nCharacters\nZero Mikhail One Two Three Four Five Cent Octa Decadus Dito\n \n\nAginoEvolutionHD ««« Description»»»\n\nDr