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Amira Willighagen ~ Live in Concert ~ Nella Fantasia

Amira Willighagen performs Nella Fantasia during an 'Afrikaans is Groot' concert staged in South Africa in November 2016.\n\nIn an arrangement written especially for Amira, the performance begins with the majestic Ennio Morricone composition 'River' from the soundtrack to the movie 'The Mission'. This is then followed by Amira's rendition of Nella Fantasia which is based on the haunting melody known as 'Gabriel's Oboe' written by the same composer for the same movie.\n\nBorn 27 March 2004, Amira was 12 years old at the time of this performance.\n\n♫ \n\nFollowing her highly successful performances at the 'Classics is Groot' concerts held earlier in the year, Amira was invited back to the country to perform as a guest artiste at the eleven 'Afrikaans is Groot' concerts held during November 2016.\n\nDuring the show, Amira sang a brief duet with Corlea Botha, together with other artists, during a rendition of a sacred piece known as 'Die Onse Vader' (The Lord's Prayer) and she also joined the whole group in the Finalé. Nella Fantasia was the only solo number performed.\n\nThe above performances are included in the DVD of the full show entitled 'Afrikaans is Groot 2016 - Dié Konsert'.\n\nCopies of the DVD may be purchased from any 'Musica' store in South Africa or online from https://raru.co.za/music/5432721\n\nInternational viewers may purchase the DVD online from the webshop of Amira's charitable foundation, Stichting Gelukskinders: https://www.gelukskinders.org/en/store/\nPurchasers are cautioned that the DVD is produced for the South African market (Region 2) and that most of the numbers on the DVD are popular and traditional Afrikaans compositions.\n\nRegion 2 includes the following countries: Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt and South Africa although the DVD can also be played in other countries using a personal computer, a Blu-Ray player or a DVD player that is 'multi-region'.\n\nAlternatively, the DVD may be copied onto the hard drive of a computer and, using a DVD writer, may be transferred to a blank DVD disc which will then be playable on all DVD players.\n\n♫\n\nCopyright acknowledgement of audiovisual content:\n© Coleske Artists (Pty) Ltd\n© Afrikaans is Groot\nNella Fantasia (music composition):\n© BMG_Rights_Management + 14 other claimants\n\nThis video has been monetized by YouTube on behalf of the copyright claimants and advertisements may thus appear during playback. We make no claim to any of the audio or visual components of this production. Amira Willighagen performs Nel