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Tropic Titillation Valory Irene

It's great to have Valory Irene back at SCORELAND. She will explain in English why her shirt in this photo-set and video is so comfortable, especially in tropical weather. That accent is killer-sexy. A guy could sprawl out on the couch and listen to Valory read stories to him all day. She's true girlfriend material.\n\n\"My breasts are breathing,\" soft-spoken Valory says, playing with the front of her shirt. \"It's perfect for them, this T-shirt. They love this T-shirt.\"\n\nValory's panties are also very unique. A girl can stay horny all day in them. What will these panty manufacturers think of next? No one would ever know unless she wore a mini-skirt and bent over. Which Valory does here as she gyrates and grinds her way back into your hearts. It's great to have Valory Ire