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The Hard Way East Munich to Magadan Teaser

The Hard Way East is a Joe Dakar project http://www.joedakar.de\n10 years I had to dream about that project, now, finally it happens! June the 10th, we will head east again.\n \nIt's the idea to cross the eurasien continent again, but to stay away from the usual routes and roads. It can and should get dirty - offroad as often as possible. My friend Walter Colebatch from Sibirsky Extreme made my planings a lot easier since he scouted an offroad track from the Ukraine all the way up north-east to Magadan. I will use this track as a basic line with some adjustments - unfortunately I can not spent 4 month away from home/work...\n \nThere are some points, that are making this trip very exciting:\n \nI will use two BMW Motorrad motorcycles that will presented to the public just 4 weeks before we leave\nDue to some work that needs to be done, the tour is splitted in two legs. The first leg (Munich - Ulan Bator) I will ride with my dentist Joop. The second leg (Ulan Bator - Magadan) I will ride with my wife Corinna.\nThe cut in the middle of tour allows m to be at the BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch (05. - 7. july) to answer questions and tell some stories from \"on the road\"\nNobidy can tell, if all the planed routes can be done anyway - Maybe the strong winter finally killed some of the wrotten bridges completely...\nAnd, is it is almost normal now, we will be reporting from the trip via Facebook/Twitter this webpage the BMW webpage and many more. We do not have a support vehicle, helicopter or anything else but we still want to keep you updated in the hope you are interested in what we do out there.\n \nThe route:\nMunich - Ukraine - Russia - Wolgograd - Kasachstan - Russia - Altai Mountains - Mongolia - Ulan Bator - Russia - Irkutsk - BAM - Yakutsk - Road of bones -Magadan\n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\nSet4film is a video production company catering to television and corporate companies throughout the America's and Europe. http://www.set4film.com\n\nWe have put together this promotional video for Joe Dakar to share with others his amazing adventure.\n\nFor more information on how Set4film can bring your next corporate video to life visit our website or give us a call. http://www.set4film.com\n\n\"The music in this video is intended for demonstration purposes only\"\nMusic: Intro by The XX - http://thexx.info\n\nweb: http://www.set4film.com\ntwitter: https://twitter.com/set4film\nfacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Set4film\nOffice) +353 086 455 8428 The Hard Way East is a Joe Dak