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Lucifer ::: do I scare you?

\"it's too late to say you're sorry...\"\n\nLucifer Morningstar - what a character! I love him so so much, and I hope you do too! But especially his devilish side, as you may guess by the video ^^ His change from behaving around Chloe and others, his feeling of superiority while realising his mortality, his longing for observing human beings and becoming one of them, just risking his own life and the chance of ever going back to where he came from...\n\nI've already seen some videos of him with Chloe and they were amazing. Of course I couldn't back down on making a video on my own. ^^ Hope you guys don't mind ;) \nTell me what you think! Of the video, of the characters, of the show! I would love to chat with you about it! :D \nEnjoy watching!\n\n\nSong: To Kill A King - Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix)\nSeries: Lucifer\nCharacters: Lucifer Morningstar\nColoring: AnneSoshi \"it's too late to say you're